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Launchlist – Your One Stop Website Checklist

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Launchlist is intended to help and encourage web designers and developers to check their work before exposing it to the world at large.

The process is simple – Enter your name and email and the same for a recipient, your project details and website URL, and then proceed through the list of provided fields. If a question is irrelevant, you can tick N/A and it will be disregarded. You can even add your own custom fields at the bottom of the checklist if required.

Once submitted, you and your recipient/s will receive a report of your checklist with a summary for your records. Launchlist is and always will be free to use.


Source: http://launchlist.net/

  • sander

    love the idea, though miss a save function
    if you use it as a launchlist it is kind of too late, you will need to postpone launch when something is missing.

    if you could use it as a checklist, during development, you can anticipate. but for that to happen you need to be able to revisit your checklist. so a save function would be nice.
    to create sort of a temp url like tinyurl or jsbin are having.

    just my 2 cents

  • I always wonder about these type of applications. Don’t people normally use a Task management or Project Management tools to do these? Track status and everything? Seems to be more suitable for the purpose.

  • Sander- Submitting a report essentially acts as a way to save data and return to the list at another time. It’s not a true save (you don’t log in, save some information, etc), but it gives you a record of the items that you checked the first time and what’s left to do.

    Shouldn’t IE6 compatibility be flagged N/A by default? :)

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