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Easy List Splitter Helps You Split a List into Different Columns

Posted · Category: GPL License, Menu, MIT License

After a couple of hours spent on the lookout for a simple and clean jQuery plugin to columnize lists with no success, Andrea Cima Serniotti decided to create his own one. It took him a couple of nights but the result is pretty good and hopefully it will help you whenever you need to split a list into different columns.

Easy List Splitter will get your list, wrap it into a container div, generate as many lists as the number of columns you require and evenly split the list items into the different list elements. If the list items are not enough to evenly fill in all the columns, the plugin will hide the columns in excess (this might happen only if you’re ordering your list items vertically as per default).


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.madeincima.eu/samples/jquery/easyListSplitter/
License: MIT, GPL License

  • Lee

    Always good see new stuff but you can but using CSS you can achieve the same results.

    Just create as blocks set a width and float them left. Make sure you have got the correct width to allow as many columns as you wish then set a clear left at the end. This can be done with one line of CSS as compared to 105 lines for the JS.

  • Hi Lee,

    I’m the guy who developed the plugin. What you say is true, but only when all the list items have the same height.

    In fact, if they have different heights (e.g. one item goes on two lines) and you simply float the LIs, the list items on the next lines will get a wrong positioning. Not sure, if I made myself clear. It’s probably easier to understand if you try it yourself.

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