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Free Sketch Templates For Web Design

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Before any tangible designs are made, any experienced designer should know that the first thing you do before any sort of web development project is map out a rough sketch first.

Although most sketching is done on blank paper, many developers have now started using sketch templates for their web applications. This is definitely the most productive and organized way to start probably one of the most important phase of the application design process.

LooksGD has compiled a useful article: Sketchbooks of a Web Developer, with a list of resources and templates to download or print off for designing your next great project.


Source: http://www.looks.gd/design/sketchbooks-of-a-web-developer

  • http://tweetmysong.com/ Robert D.

    Darn looks like the link the guy made to UI Stencils wasn’t approved by them since it know goes to there store to buy a stencil kit to get the “free” download…interesting. The others seem to work though..cool find, I saved the PDFs for future use :)

  • http://techbee.co.in web designers chennai

    Actually you are right! You need to sketch out roughly before you start working so that you can save time. You cannot start a work before planning.

  • http://annanta.com Kevin S

    i have also downloaded the PDF. I have been planing and sketching my project is notebooks but now i can print it out and plan on it :)

  • Chris

    The PDF’s are still available. You just have to dig a bit. Select the stencil for the template you want (on the UI Stencils website), then you’ll see a download link for the two paper sizes.

  • fatjoe

    thanks. good one

  • http://shakaama.blogspot.com/ Shakaama Live

    with no formal training I am going about this all wrong. being both anal retentive and “artsy” makes me a basket case. I have completely redone a website I have about 10 times now from start to finish, by hand. And, I have not sat down and figured out what I want and sketch it out. It has stymied my other projects, i.e. designing about 5 blogs I need designed.

    However, for clients I present a few ideas and get the sites done within days. For myself, I don’t know why I am so scatter-brained.

  • Pap Tamas

    What is great about sketching, is that everybody can do it. You don’t have to be an artist to sketch something. I’m a developer, my sketches are not beautiful, but they are a very effective communication tool between me and the designers in my team.

    I believe sketching should be a fast, iterative and fun process.

    We are working on a web app (www.sketchsim.com) for organizing UI sketches, link them together, simulate the UI flow and get feedback from your teammates, or client.

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