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A Smarter Way to Apply Progressive Enhancement

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Building with progressive enhancement is essential to ensuring a usable experience for all. But how do you determine which browsers should receive the enhanced experience and which should stick with the basic experience?

Introducing EnhanceJS, a JavaScript framework designed specifically to deliver a usable experience to the widest possible audience, by testing the browser to determine whether it is capable of correctly supporting a range of essential CSS and JavaScript properties, and delivering features only to those that pass the test.

Filament Group is releasing EnhanceJS as an open source (MIT license) project to allow everyone to start building sites with test-driven progressive enhancement. They explained how to use EnhanceJS in your own projects so you can take advantage of new CSS and JavaScript features while ensuring a usable experience to all.


Requirements: jQuery Framework
Demo: http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/introducing_enhancejs…
License: MIT License

  • Interesting framework. html5 tests are not supported yet, as far I understand?

  • Iv

    « EnhanceJS is written with plain old JavaScript, so it has no dependencies, and works alongside other JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, Prototype and Dojo. »

  • Another library I ran across which is useful for progressive enhancement is Modernizr. (http://www.modernizr.com/)

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