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The Winners of 20 One-Year Pingdom Accounts

Posted · Category: Announcement

Thank you for all of the participants of Over $2,000 Christmas Giveaway: Pingdom Accounts. We are happy to announce the following 5 winners. Congratulations. We will contact you guys shortly with the instruction of getting your free Pingdom Account.

1. Robert Durish 2. webbografico 3. Arpit Jacob 4. Michele Gerarduzzi 5. Joel 6. Claes 7. Rob Mason 8. Darren Cornwell 9. Anton Dubina 10. Alex Flueras 11. Jeremy Weiss 12. Kaiserlino 13. james F 14. Irimia 15. DarkMaster 16. mdhb2 17. Eric 18. IBldTraffic 19. Arjun Parsi 20. Hernan Silva

WebAppers will continue giving away some really nice web development tools and resources to our readers. Please feel free to suggest what you would like for the next Giveaway under this post. Thank you.

  • Wow !!! This is actually the first time I am winning something! Thanks so much!! Merry Christmas !!

  • Wow thanks a ton :)

  • Sweet! :) Thank you very much! I never win stuff so this is awesome!

  • Yeah… I have never won anything in my life – this is really something this year, Christmas is just nicer. I wist best of all trough these holidays. Have a great time

  • Not to sound like everyone else but I never win =) What an AWESOME Christmas Eve Present. Thanks WebAppers!

  • Like everyone else, I’ve never won anything except a few of those Nigerian Lotteries (the last email said my winnings would be automatically transferred into my bank account; all they needed were the account numbers-isn’t that awesome?)

    So thank you, WebAppers, for great apps and the greatest Hanukkah ever! (other than an amazing chain letter I just got…20K just for passing it on to my entire address book!)

    Merry, Merry to All!

  • Hernan Silva

    Thanks!!!! I’m a winner. Thank you Webappers!

  • Woop woop! Huge thanks for this and a Happy New Year!

  • Wow, that’s bloody awesome, will be putting these to good use ASAP. Thanks very much!

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