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Easy Form Validation Requires No Javascript Library

Posted · Category: BSD License, Forms

Validatious 2.0 is an easy form validation with unobtrusive JavaScript. Validatious requires no JavaScript library. However, if you’re already using one, Validatious can easily work with it, and even benefit from it.

There are several settings allow you to control how and when Validatious does validation, how it displays errors and more. If configuring isn’t enough, callbacks and easy overriding gives you complete control.

You can also add custom validators with only a couple of lines of JavaScript. If your site’s language is not english, you probably don’t want error messages in english. There are several ways of changing languages as well.


Requirements: Javascript Enabled
Demo: http://validatious.org/learn/examples
License: BSD License

  • It’s an awesome library, very thorough code as well. Def check it out. FYI: I made a Rails plugin that maps ActiveRecord model validations to Validatious 2.0:


  • Thanks for sharing,

    We were looking for just such a thing. But I think they didn’t work enough on a few things. For example the messages pop up immediately even if you didn’t enter anything. Inline-validation is a very complicated thing as this great article shows:

    I don’t even know if it’s an advantage for a normal registration form with a maximum of 4 fields like ours. So we decided to leave it out.

    Some designs like signup on twitter are incredible of course. For example they don’t display “can’t be left empty” but “please enter” in grey when a field is focused. That’s a great solution and it’s my suggestion for validitious.

    Another thing is, that it’s not clear what the checkmark means. For that see the article I mentioned. BTW: Twitter got that right too.

  • Dorac

    Was just looking for this thanks!!

  • Rob

    tried for about an hour to get this to work with no success… i followed the getting started instructions perfectly, and nothing shows up.

    ah well…

  • Nice, but as any JS validation not secure enough. Form validation must be done server-side.

  • Frank: I agree, you need to validate on the server as well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t catch errors as early as possible to aid the user.

    Rob: I’d be happy to help out. Pop me an email on christian at cjohansen.no and I’ll check out your problem. I’m using Validatious successfully on several sites.

    Simplenews: Well, the screenshot is just one example of how you can deploy Validatious. Validatious is really a JS validation engine – it does not ship any ready-to-use design. It’s designed to be highly flexible, and you can configure everything such as when to do validation. Additionally, you can write your own error formatting code for highly customized applications. Do give it a shot!

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  • faisal

    Beautiful program

    But the explanation is very bad

  • Robert Mauro

    That’s silly. PROPER validation is done client side first, and THEN server side. That helps avoid numerous re-submits until the client has the data properly filled in.

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