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AtMail 6 Webmail Client + Email Server + Stunning Interface

Posted · Category: Webmail

Remember we have mentioned AtMail 5 long time ago. Recently, they have launched a new version of Atmail as a complete Webmail, Mail-server and CalDAV server for ISPs/Webhosting providers and Small-business. AtMail 6 is a Linux based Webmail Client + Email solution which brings your organizations email under control.

AtMail 6 has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using Zend, jQuery, a true Web2.0 interface, Gmail email threading, inline attachment thumbnails, full IMAP/S support, CalDAV client/server – The aim is to provide users an alternative to Gmail or Exchange running on your own networks. It’s faster, lighter and more logical. The new version of AtMail really impressed me. It is very powerful and easy to use. The new user interface is absolutely stunning.

They do offer a Free 5-user license of AtMail for us to download and install as well. This license includes all the features available in the commercial Atmail version.

AtMail 6 Email Server + Webmail Client

P.S. If you love AtMail, you might consider purchasing premium licenses. AtMail is very kind to offer us 20% discount off for any purchase.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://a6demo.atmail.com/
License: Free for 5 Users

  • the link demo is broken :( [at 09:30 -3:00 GMT]

  • The online demo is now back online. Please login and send any feedback on the new Atmail6 interface.


  • Jehu

    Really nice interface. Threaded view is awesome. But with labels/tags instead of (or additional to) folders (like GMail) and a better search (e.g. “subject:foobar”, like GMail) it would be one of the greatest webmailer.

  • I tried the old version and did not like it, but the new interface is awesome! Time to switch.

  • Marty

    does it support viewing multiple accounts? I’ve been wanting an email web-app that supports many accounts in 1 place with a DB for caching.

  • Such a shame that it’s pricing is awkward and expensive. Had it of been a feasible price, I’d have jumped on the opportunity to purchase a license. Alas! :(

  • It’s not clear whether the pricing is a one off licence or per year do you know?

  • Brad Kowalczyk

    It is a one-off purchase for the software which includes support and updates for one year. After that year you can still use the software but you have to renew (50% of initial purchase price) for support/updates each year if you want them.

    Jordan: There is also the free 5 user license, not sure if you knew that.

  • A 5 user license is useless to me. I was looking for a server-wide solution on about 6 servers of mine. I just decided to stick with Roundcube.

  • Scott

    Agree with Jehu. Labels would be nice, esp. since a truly threaded view includes messages SENT BY THE USER as well as those received. And having messages in _both_ the sent folder _and_ the folder containing received email thread unnecessarily multiplies the amount of space used. Gmail’s got it right: conversations AND labels. :-)

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