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Build Multi-user Real-time Web Apps with Hemlock

Posted · Category: Framework, MIT License

Real time application

Hemlock is an open-source web development framework, focused on allowing easy development of real-time, many-to-many apps. Hemlock follows the inspiration of Ruby web frameworks like Rails and Merb. It can be used for applications such as games, workspace collaboration and education.

A client registers for message and is only contacted when a relevant one arrives. By combining the scalability of XMPP with the flexibility of Flash, Hemlock allows you to create web applications that are more dynamic, interactive and exciting.

Hemlock 0.1 is now ready for download. Hemlock includes an example app called DrawingDemoContainer. This shows off two of the starter HemlockWidgets: a basic chatroom, and a multi-user canvas for drawing pictures. Either of these can be reused, modified, and skinned across Hemlock apps. You can learn more about Hemlock and the setup process in Learn section.

Requirements: Flash Required
Demo: http://hemlock-kills.com/
License: MIT License

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