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UIzard – Web Based Web Application Development Tool

Posted · Category: GPL License, Tools

UIzard is an in-browser web application development tool built on various Javascript Framework. You can add and arrange UI components easily by using Drag & Drop in-browser environment. You can also edit JavaScript Code or Html Code on the in-browser environment without operating other editors. You can preview the result of your works immediately.

UIzard is an open source project, following GPL v2 License. However, it is only a beta version so it can be a little unstable at the moment. You can always see UIzard in action here.


Requirements: –
Demo: http://uizard.org/UIzard/uizard.php?action=newProject
License: GPL v2 License

  • http://www.entersolutions.co.za/ Mo

    Damn thats impressive. But I always wonder, who would use this application?

  • Dorac

    I certainly would :D but im getting trouble with it and there is very little documentation (different language??) that i can get to help me.

    it throws “API Load Failure: Invalid Referer. Please check URL that you have registered.” in my face every time I load it.

    Looks very impressive and i’m keen on using it! Wonder if it can work nicely with jquery? :D

  • tris

    For the momment, the author in their good portfolio. ¬¬

  • http://fyrewolfe.blogspot.com Johan

    For an alternative, check out http://www.coderun.com … It’s quite stable but only works in Firefox and IE atm.

  • freezedun

    Rich Internet Applications in Web technology?

  • Jazz

    I am also getting the “API Load Failure: Invalid Referer. Please check URL that you have registered.”, when initially running it. The functionality is impressive could be a great wireframe/mockup tool.

    I would use it if it was tad more stable.

  • http://www.salesonlineworld.com salesonlineworld

    Seems to be good But one cannot judge with out trying it..!

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