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HelpDesk Pilot Web Based Support Ticketing System

Posted · Category: Tools

Customer support is very important to a successful web application. No matter what web application you have developed, you need a easy to use customer support system for your users. So that they can contact you easily when they have encountered any problems. And then you can provide them quick responses.

HelpDesk Pilot is a web based Help Desk and Trouble Ticket System. With a robust email parser Helpdesk Pilot enables you to turn customer emails into tickets. You can reply to many tickets at once using the Mass Reply feature. Ideally you can send mass reply to all tickets that have raised the question, bug or issue. Every action on a ticket by any member of the application is tracked. This activity log is available below every ticket, ordered chronologically.

I found Installing Helpdesk Pilot is very easy and takes only a few minutes. It runs on any server supports PHP and MySQL. The user interface looks very clean and intuitive on both the admin and customer area. I am sure you are able to provide better customer service and turn requests around much quicker with Helpdesk Pilot. Overall, it is one of the best web based help desk systems you can find.

There are over 11,000 active customers in over 60 countries using Helpdesk Pilot. You can see some big names, e.g. at&t, verizon, IBM and etc… It is free to get started with  Helpdesk Pilot by taking a 15-day trial hosted on their servers. Why not give it a try?

Help Desk Ticketing Support System

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.helpdeskpilot.com/helpdesk/demo.php
License: 15-day Trial

  • shin

    $299.95 is too much for me. Is there any free one?

  • does it have reporting? ie what users closed what tickets in a date range? a lot of these apps seem to be missing that.

  • david

    small correction: intuitive ;)

  • meech

    At first I was excited to see this posting, but i was incredibly disappointed with their licensing costs. Additionally, i haven’t come across too much stuff on webappers that requires coughing up a good chunk of dough like this, so that was a disappointment there as well. :( Otherwise, i enjoy your site (as it is my homepage)!

  • George

    Very nice help desk software, thanks for the link.

    @jason – i just checked the online demo has a lot reports under the statistics tab including some date range filters. you may want to check out.

  • Max

    There’s always accord5’s trellis desk, which wepappers did talk about. Its free. They’re working on v2 now, so things look good.

  • Nismoto

    I thought webappers.com hunts the best open source resources for web developers.

    Why is this in here?

  • Tyler

    I too wonder why this is on here – it’s not open source, nor is it free.

  • Thanks for this. I was just about to purchase helpdesk (Which seems great) Just installing it on my server and will give you some feedback

  • what is actually happening while login in client side of ticket and some login,it get stuck and not responding only ticket.php is toogling.what is the reason index page redirection while login is the reason?

  • need a solution for stuck while login the client side of helpdeskpilot and also some good tutorial about the working of code

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