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Compact Lightweight Javascript Animation Library

Posted · Category: Framework, License Free

$fx() is a compact lightweight JavaScript library which extends DOM element by adding animation methods. It lets you to alter any CSS property allong time line by passing just simple configuration. Moreover you can combine effects, group them to the chains and run parallel, also you have ability to set different callbacks what gives you even more flexibility.

$fx() is not the attempt to compete with existing existing frameworks, but just the library for some different purposes. Most of animation libraries are based on different JavaScript frameworks like jQuery or prototype or have pretty big size theirself. So if you want to keep you scripts extremely lightweight and and do not load and run a bunch of extra JavaScript then $fx() fit the best.

Javascript Animation Library

Requirements: –
Demo: http://fx.inetcat.com/
License: License Free

  • Mo

    Whoa. Awesome. Thanks for this. Where do you find all these cool links? I love it. Well done

  • This is a very nice library, too bad it only supports linear movement.

  • Nice library. Looking forward to their next fx

  • wow… amazing extremely fast loading…

    this effects more like top banner of Dezignus.com … only the diffrence is mouse over effects…

    Good source…


  • Crescent Fresh

    Your check for “#elementId” to $fx needs fixin. The regex /^#(\w+)/i will block perfectly legitimate dom element ids such as “#foo-bar” (note the dash).

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