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Zenbe – One of the Best Webmail Experiences

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Best Free Web Based Email - Zenbe

Zenbe is started because they wanted the functionality and performance of a desktop application, and the simplicity and accessibility of webmail, at the same time, for all their email addresses. They wanted to access more features and services from the internet, without logging into a bunch of different websites everyday. They wanted better ways to share and work with friends, but they didn’t want to abandon email to use them.

Zenbe is free email that works with the email you already use. Zenbe offers many features, including email, online calendar, lists, mobile sync, file sharing, team collaboration. It even works with Facebook and Twitter. You can do them all without leaving your email.

With 4GB (and growing) of storage, you treat Zenbe like a computer you can access from anywhere. Sometimes, email just isn’t the best way to work together. With Zenpages, you can share files, email, events – anything you would share in an email – on a Zenpage.

If you like to stay organized with folders, you will love Zenbe’s email tags. Tags are like folders, but better. But with Zenbe’s excellent search, you don’t need to use tags to stay focused on what you care about. Zenbe is one of the best webmail experiences you can find.

Best Free Web Based Email - Zenbe

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.zenbe.com/
License: License Free

  • Nick

    Zenbe is great. It’s file management is really nice, something I wish Gmail would get.

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  • http://www.blendingzen.org ScottyDoo

    I’ve been using Zenbe for awhile now and would have to say that I am most impressed. It blows gmail and any other webmail apps out of the water.

  • http://www.fedmich.com fedmich

    looks good. Cant wait to try it out.

  • http://www.aktifotomatikkapi.com garaj kapısı

    it looks amazing :) i hope it’ll be more pro.

  • http://hbro.sin.khk.be HBro

    Too bad it takes so long to recieve the verification e-mail.

  • http://www.webcentric.co.za Webcentric

    Yeah.. looks good, but its been two weeks since I requested verification, 24hours? hmm.. so far 14 days.. but who’s counting. :-P

  • http://thegreencommune.com/ Bobby Simpson

    yeah! It looks gr8, but taking too long to receive the verification mail isn’t good enough

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  • kanseko

    im tested the service and i love it, really good webmail!

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