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Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong

Posted · Category: Information

Shocking, shocking. Is it the end of complex CSS layout techniques, and will be the final nail in the coffin of using HTML tables for layout. Finally, producing table-like grid layouts using CSS will be quick and easy?

When released, Internet Explorer 8 will support many new values for the CSS display property, including the table-related values: table, table-row, and table-cell—and it’s the last major browser to come on board with this support.

Perhaps you’re feeling slightly uncomfortable—after all, haven’t web standards advocates been insisting for years that you shouldn’t be using tables for layout?

Applying table-related display property values to web page elements causes the elements to mimic the display characteristics of their HTML table equivalents. Digital Web Magazine published “Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong” which demonstrates how this will have a huge impact on the way we use CSS for web page layouts.

Source: Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong

  • Webkid

    It might have some impact, 5 years from now.

  • while this technique of using css table display properties is potentially very useful, the requirement for backwards compatibility will necessitate the use of current css methods for websites to render correctly in older versions of internet explorer for a good few years yet..

  • Johnny

    I wonder what this can do for fluid layouts? Just a thought.

  • Shaun

    How long has Internet Explorer 7 been out?

    A LONG time, but an estimated 29.34% of people still use IE6.

    Source: http://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php

    As Webkid said, it will be many years before IE8 has any share in the browser “market”.

  • Dmitri

    I am going to agree with both comments that have been posted so far. I watched the 10-minute-ish video-cast from the author the other day, and i think they are pressing this book NOT because it’s necessarily the next best thing, but rather because it’s in the best interest of their financial goal. It’s just too hyped up.

  • I’ve started using CSS Tables already, not for full sites but for elements within the sites. I provide alternative CSS for IE through their own style sheets. Nothing wrong with starting early IMO.

  • Since when should someone write to IE non-standards? Just say no to anti-Standard IE!

  • ooredroxoo

    It like a book’s title from site point.


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