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Giving Away 3 Copies of Flash 3D Wall PRO

Posted · Category: Announcement

Flash 3D Wall PRO displays images on an engaging interactive 3D wall using the Papervision3D engine. It can also display FLV videos and SWF’s. YouTube videos can be played directly in the 3D Wall PRO as well as videos from streaming servers that use the rtmp protocol. The wall can be flat or set at any curvature to create a truly unique look. The viewer can also scroll, tilt and zoom the wall freely. Includes a built-in preloader for seamless transitions between thumbs and large images. Over 80 parameters to customize your wall ensures unlimited number of looks and an enticing viewer experience.

You can see many different kinds of image galleries and css galleries. As videos are getting more and more popular, it would be nice to have some video galleries as well. If you are interested in creating a video gallery, Flash 3D Wall PRO would be really useful to you then. I think it looks so nice, and it lets you creating a stunning video gallery easily.

Normally, a copy of Flash 3D Wall PRO costs you $179.95 each. However, Flashloaded is really kind to give away 3 copies of Flash 3D Wall PRO to WebAppers readers. All you have to do is leaving a comment under this post, and you will have a chance to win a copy of Flash 3D Wall PRO. We will draw the winner on 30th August. WebAppers has been helping web developers for over a year. We will continue bringing the best open source resources for web developers.  Thank you for supporting WebAppers.

  • Beautiful!

  • Oh, good times Ray! Looking forward ’till the 30th!

  • bwd

    i am in, and thanks God i am the winner

  • sun_

    great stuff :)

    keep up the good work!

  • TIAN

    Hope I can be the winner!!

  • Software can be sexy!

  • wow great stuff :)

  • Tony


  • I have never won any thing, but this time can be different. :)

  • Looks lika a great component

  • Marc Stalfoort

    love to have this package :)

  • Nice software, hope I win one

  • Hope I win. this looks great.

  • Vebjørn Berg

    This would be a nice win indeed :)

  • Amazing! This is why I love Webappers so much… I’ve been looking for software that does this. I’m happy to have found it through webappers. Where do you find all this cool stuff anyway?

  • catalin

    great site! i hope i am one of the 3 winners :D

  • Nicolas Chenet

    Wow, what a good idea!
    I must admit it’s a long time since I first read my first article on Webappers, without letting comments. Don’t think this one is only dedicated to win a copy (a little bit tough), it is also dedicated to thank you for the good job you’ve made till now! ;)

    Keep up the good work!


  • ditman

    Looks great! I want to be in the draw :)

    Some time ago I looked for some flash picture slideshows and didn’t come across this one.

    Can it be used on web projects or is it just a stand-alone local module??


  • Very interested too ;-) !!

  • Alex Swanson

    Common lucky rabbits foot!
    Keep up the good work Webappers.com!

  • Jens

    Yeah, i love this site. :)

    Greetz from Germany

  • Wow ! I love 3D Wall Pro ! That’s the best movie galleries builder ever, exactly what I need …

    I really hope to be an happy winner ;-)

  • James

    Free stuff FTW

  • Great site, is very nice, thanks from italy.

    Grazie mille!

  • Nice!

  • Congrats for this blog! It’s been a real help for me until now.

    Keep up the good work! (and the free stuff :))

  • Interesting! :)

  • Nice effect !!!, can be very usefull, i already know what to do with it if i win :)

  • Toby

    Nice, really nice :)

  • I don’t know 3d Wall yet, but it looks good :-)

  • Marin Martinovic

    Wow… simply WOW!!!

  • I am from Belgium and here we need 3d wall pro to solve all our problems

  • Morph

    An application is really incredible, finally able to mix photos and videos on a wall 3D, I have a beautiful project and the wall could be part ^ ^

  • Nice… i love flashloaded components!

  • texman

    Very nice script! Would like to use it in 1 of my projects.

  • i want it!

  • Andrew2

    Really nice!

  • Christian Fickinger


  • I want it! :)

  • lorenz

    a realy cool tool

  • alle

    Very nice flash component.
    It would be great being drwan as the winner of one give away copy!

  • Goran

    Keep up your great work! Definitely a ‘must have’ in your Feed Reader!

  • Revilo

    Amazing Flash Wall

  • I played around with a demo the other day. It’s a great app and took me minutes to get a nice presentable image gallery.

    One up in my book!

  • Very nice tool with great futures.

  • nice tool.
    flashloaded gao a bunch of nice flash components.

  • Eugenio

    I like 3d wall! It’s excellent! I want one copy!

  • fatnic

    I’ve been a good boy this year Santa! Can I have one pretty please? With a cherry on top?

  • I like freebies :D

  • Great! I’d like to have it!

  • Witti

    Great tool :-)

  • look really cool ….I want it.

  • Eric Winther

    Give it to me!

  • djus

    Beautiful! flash video gallery. It’s only bad that it is not free.

  • Wow, such a great and nice idea..

    Would love to get a copy, maybe !

  • It`s really nice. Hope I can be the winner!!

  • Viljami

    I’m in!

  • superxtian

    Good stuff.


  • gonzo

    Very nice … it’s very favorable to hear from you that you give 3 license for such a program … it’s great honor to be here … and thanks to this offer :)

  • John Wiseman

    Wow, what a great looking tool.

    Would love to win it!

  • i want 2 win!

  • slipmatt

    ooohh, yes please, pick me!

  • i have the original 3d wall but this PRO version looks mint. Give it to me

  • This would fit great on my gaming site :)

  • Great idea… I want one :D

  • I love reading Webappers via RSS, what a great resource, thanks!

  • Looks line a nice software.

  • So that’s why there is an abnormal amount of comments for this post :)

  • James

    Please give me a copy, thanks.

  • hi,

    i want this beauty too :-)

  • Hendrik

    What are youtube video’s? Never heard of it. Is this the place to get help on it? Anybody?

  • Dave

    Cool – so much papervision3d appearing

  • STK

    my comment :)

  • Todd

    Great tool and quality app!

  • Jeferson

    Very nice.

  • P6

    I’m in it to win it!

  • I will win it :)

  • Rich

    randomly shouts “pick me”

  • Looks very interesting!

  • Count me in.

  • I’m the winner!!

  • Great contest! I could use a copy myself! Thanks for the opportunity

  • Ed Dempsey

    I have seen this 3D Wall Pro a couple of times already and I would LOVE to have my very own copy!

  • adrian234

    This tool is very nice!

  • yaaah…I’d love a copy!

  • boom shaka-laka BOOM!

  • Dejan

    Thanks a lot for this.
    No matter who the winner is, it’s great to have this info about this Flash component

  • Andrew Kuo

    Awesomeee! May the best comment win!

  • tam

    go ahead and pick me already. i want this.

  • I’m feeling lucky!

  • The Wall is mine ! :>>>

  • glove

    wall me up! :-)

  • Interesting stuff.
    Thank you.

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  • Mike

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • the best image gallery i have ever seen. Great work. that’s exactly what make flashloaded the best flash component creator.
    thank you.

  • Gary

    stellar image gallery!

  • Jak

    Whoa, seems really interesting, would be great to play with it!

  • leaase

    i would like me one of those

  • subu

    Its so funny how comments start to roll in on this page! Usually there is 3 or 4 on an entry but hey its a better chance of winning the lottery! I wonder though how many have entered double accounts :)!

  • Anna

    Is a great product but I’m curios it is posible also with Sandy 3d not only with Paper Vision.

  • Please pick me, Please pick me

  • I would win a copy!

  • Count me in too, I’d love to get my hands on this!

  • Steve

    Wow, talk about timing I was just checking out this product yesterday.

  • Ronald

    Could use it :)

  • Jer

    I have been waiting for this tech for a long time. I cannot believe we finally have color now. This will definitely create a dynamic experience for any office/room.

  • Great stuff. Would love to win one! :-D

  • Would absolutely love to get my hands on it. Thanks for the cool contest!

  • Dog my chickens. I really hope I win this!

  • Winning would make this a great addition to a new jazz website I am creating. Gary…

  • Rock On! This is a premium piece of software.

  • Peter

    WOW! Incredible! Count me in!) Cheers to all flash devs out there!

  • Flash 3D wall is the cats… Love the blog visit it daily.

  • Very nice! Thanks for the opportunity! Merci beaucoup in french ;)

  • arey

    Put me in the list

  • JacekS

    It would be really nice to get one of these, count me in!

  • Miguel Mendes

    I (L) Webappers =D

  • Chris Morrison

    Wow that package looks sweet!

  • Great,
    thanks WebAppers & Flashloaded!

  • Amazing! I LOVE Webappers.com!

  • this is so awesome… I’ve seen it implemented on some websites and I’d like to experiment with it myself :)

  • This is really cool !

  • Daniel Anderson tiecher

    What a great flash component! Count me in for the draw!

  • This is a stunning piece of software. Hoping to hear winning words on the 30th!


  • slip

    Wow…I like it. Thank you for posting this giveaway.

  • Wow, you guys are so nice. That software looks really awesome, and would be an awesome giveaway. Thanks for giving us a chance to win,


  • Hmmm, similar to Piclens but for the webmaster not the client. Interesting.

    Wonder how it would look on my car dealership site.

  • It would be great to have one! Love your blog by the way!!

  • Jeff

    Looks great! I’d love to win!

  • That’s A Cool stuff! Hope I can win this one ….

  • Gimmie freebies!!!!!!

  • Tuga

    What can I say?!

    This flash component is great and my computer would love to have it, just to play arround and… but if not, ok.
    We’ll came back anyway, just for the reading…

  • Justin DiMucci

    would like to get my hands on this

  • yeah, very cool, i want it! Fit well on my website.

  • John Matenkosky

    Please put my name in the hat, too… and thanks for the chance to win a dynamite product…

  • John Skrotzki

    Great software! Fingers crossed 8-)

  • This is really gorgeous software… I like it. Good work. I’d like to have it. ;)

  • I would love to win ! Crossing my fingers too !

  • Beautiful component, heres to hoping!

  • Twice

    If I could relive my life, I would have moved to Nantes when I was 68.

  • Caleb Ciampaglia

    Looks pretty good to me!

  • great website! my first comment :D

  • Ben

    This is an impressive way to interact with photos. Hoping I get it!

  • Julie Meredith

    Recently discovered your site. What an awesome resource. I’d love to win this – looks great.

  • jarreweb

    I tried the demo and the component seems to be very complete
    good job

    and I hope to win one of the three copies

  • WOW!!! it’s awesome!!! NICE NICE NICE very very NICE… I’d like to win one of the 3 copies. This original and really cool stuff will give a bigger and pretty look to my website.

    WebAppers is one of my favorites websites, it’s number 5 in my Most Visited Bookmarks List. I’m a daily reader of WebAppers, ’cause i always find cool stuffs here.

    This is my first comment since i visited WebAppers, and i’d like to say THNX SO MUCH!!! you’re doing a GREAT JOB, so keep on that what only you can do.

    P.D. Sorry if my English isn’t too good… I’m from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. I hope all of you can visit this beautiful city sometime, you’ll get falling in love with Cartagena.

  • KNau

    I’ve been looking at this. Here’s hoping!

  • Very cool, here’s my entry.

  • Max Effenberger

    I wanna win ;) Flash 3D Wall looks really nice^^

  • Steven Jarvis

    Looks cool!

  • This will definitely take video to another level!


  • DG


  • saud

    Cool! Can’t wait!

  • Nice Job! I really like to try it!

  • RTan

    Please please choose me. Great software and Webappers Rock!

  • WebAppers rules! Maybe this could be the rising tide of my change of luck.

  • Great app and would love to try it out for our videos.

  • David

    great tool for greating an image gallery :)
    looks great

  • JP

    Wow, I can already see how cool my vacation pictures will look.

  • This is my favorite photo gallery flash ever.

  • try,Maybe 30,Aug is my lucky day! :)

  • Korkut Kaptanoglu

    I think you should give it to shriya. She looks pretty!

  • Dan

    I am always impressed with the posts you do here at http://www.webappers.com. I appreciate the singular focus that you give to the site, which makes it a tremendous resource that I check on an almost daily basis. Keep up the good work.

  • summit677

    Great work,Thinks.

  • Flashloaded always is the best friend for flash programmer.

    It’s give me the idea of truly virtual experiences.

    Besides, it’s save me a lot of time to search for an awesome and impressive components.

    Webappers is my every morning scheduled website for resources and inspirations.

    Webappers truly is a resourceful directory for web programmers and designers!

    I Love the way that Webappers categories the posts, is fast to search for the sources that you looking for!

    Clear explanation and friendly demo links!

    Most important part is, Webappers keep us updated everyday! Even in the weekend Mr. Ray will put two posts to replace the day that he is away (I assumed).

    Well, impressed with the “WebAppers is daily updated no matter what. Trust me!”

    Is a great open source resource site!

  • great stuff!

  • Você poderia me enviar, pois sou do Brazil eu acesso o site diariamente.

  • Those examples look so cool. I would love to have a copy… Love your website, by the way. It’s taught me a whole lot!

  • Muchas Gracias! Terria Del Fuego.

    Guess what movie that’s from.

  • Rich

    Wow, this is pretty cool. I want one too :P

  • Phil

    looks hot

  • JiiVee

    That is one sexy wall right there!

  • I am waiting for you from Turkey

  • auras

    178 and counting

  • Martin

    Looks great!

  • Haven

    That looks really cool!

  • TheSalientOne

    As a proud owner of a Sony HD video camera this would be a nice tool to display the movies.

  • It’s amazing!

  • Bob

    Looks interesting, thanks for this nice offer :)

  • D8N

    Hope I win!

  • River

    wanna be a winner

  • Wow, great. Could really use this for one of my e-learning projects…:-) And keep your great website going on..thanks

  • Good thing this isn’t first come first serve ;)

  • Nice! Really nice! Hope I can be the winner!! I’m right now searching four-leaf clover :)

  • great work, love it :)

  • Super 10x

  • Mac

    Can I have one pls? Cheers ;-)

  • dj

    Looks awesome!

  • Devwi

    Hope I win.

  • Tohir Solomons

    This is totally awesome!!

  • Looks nice!

  • mrgekko

    This wall is slick. Me want =)

  • Justin

    This is a pretty sweet deal. Hooray!

  • Tom


  • Tiger

    Great! Hope to be the lucky ones

  • This is pretty cool. I would love to have this.

  • wow, “Flash 3D Wall PRO” really incredible with most popular function fixed together. Amazing… Really amazing..
    Flashloaded provided “Flash 3D Wall PRO” meet the actual user needs. Congratulation you able to understand world and user. Bye..

  • Jerryxf


  • Misty Gentry

    Wow! They are beautiful!!!

  • Adnan Rashid

    Would love to try it out…

  • Sign me up!

  • Dylan

    Love to give this a try.

  • Look forward to the 30th!

  • Great..Wish me luck :)

  • Wow nice :) I hope i’ll win ;) Thanks Web Appers for a chance

  • Another Giwing away… post. Thanx Webappers!

  • stephen arnold

    Wow,…what I could accomplish with this fantastic app.
    Please choose me.

  • jon

    I love to comment.

  • Kevin

    I will polish your shoes if you give me a copy. PLEAAAAAASE!

  • Ooh, looks like a very interesting Flash application. Wouldn’t mind at all having that on my site :)

  • jorge perez reyes

    this 3d wall looks amazing please count me in i love free stuff lol,


  • Rui Luis

    Tanks webappers i would love to have it

  • Maz

    pretty cool

  • Nice, hadn’t seen this before. Heading off to check the site now…

  • Nik

    Wicked! Looks good! Awesome Idea!

  • Wow, great product… Thank you Flashloaded and Webappers..
    I hope I win…

  • Luis F

    It would be very very nice…

  • Nigel

    Nice piece of software, would love a copy

  • mashrur

    This is a fantastic visual way of showing images/videos. Wish there was another element of interactivity that allowed visitors to leave comments on each individual item.

  • Michal


  • skone

    Yes! first in!

    … oh wait …

  • Wai

    Neatto :D

  • Great program, now we need programs like this to be better than the rest on the net!

  • Fantastic! :)

  • The idea IS AMAZING

    I couldn’t think of it otherwhise, it’s absolutely HOWSOME ;)

    Great Job

  • Fantastic App. Appreciation would not be lost on me.

  • Jared

    That looks really cool. We would surely be able to use that in numerous places…

  • Gurki

    Really Amazing! Want to have it for displaying my comics and drawings, videos und musics!

  • Brad

    It would so cool to win this amazing software!

  • I love me some 3D action!

  • Nice Tool ! Love to have it ! :)

  • Thanks for the opportunity, this it´s an awesome product.

  • victoria

    Thanks. That would be awesome.

  • Me! me! choose me! Oh Come on Rand()! Choose me!

  • mubaraq

    nice.. and awesome..
    hope getRandom() = me..!!!

  • Sticky

    I’m in !

  • texman

    great flash, I would like to have the license!

  • Shawntelle

    That looks sweet! I would love a copy!

  • Frazer

    Looks very impressive!

  • great tool … would love to win a copy

  • danniz

    wow!! thanx Webappers and thanx Flashloaded

  • This is what I am looking for, Excelent! Briliant! WOW-FACTOR Toche’. very artified, for my getting better site is lacking in a big way. George in the UK

  • I hope multiple comments don’t count as multiple lottery tickets… Otherwise I would be cheating now ;)

  • how nice, this is quite a awesome tool!

  • Very nice give-away! I’d love to win

  • Paaaaa

    Me too..

  • so here on the end of this long line, :d
    we would be very happy also to be one of that happy people :d

  • Quirinus

    Interesting manifestation of the 2.0-flashiness disease. If it doesn’t pan and zoom like some tricked-out spaceship panel from an over-budgeted SF movie, than it isn’t worth it’s money. Yet as long as it awes my visitors, who am I to contest it’s awesomeness? Sign me up for a chance to win this behemoth ;)

  • Konum

    I saw it quite ago and i was stuned! Now, just in time…

  • Amazing product wow ..

  • My weather site sure could use this app!

  • Interesting approach to a UI-based display. I can see potential for recommending it to clients. Hope to get a copy, and thanks for the nice website. – JL

  • Pedram

    Hmmmmmm, a chance :D

  • Lim

    hope i win

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