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100 Close BETA Invitations From Crowd Science

Posted · Category: License Free, Stats

Audience Measurement Service from Crowd Science Demographics

Crowd Science Demographics is a new audience measurement service that gives website publishers insight into the demographics and attitudes of their audience. Focusing on more than page views, clicks and behavior, Crowd Science Demographics builds an audience profile including age, gender, income level and other demos that provide you insight to your audience.

Crowd Science can help you create a model of your audience that reveals more than the records of IP addresses and page views. Their audience measurement service is able to build deep, topic-area-specific statistical models of the demographics and attitudes of the visitors to your website.

Audience Measurement Service from Crowd Science Demographics

Their research methodologies are as polite and non-intrusive as possible – they recognize the advantage of an engaged audience and the very obvious disadvantage of having one that won’t come back. Activating your website is a breeze. The data will be yours to keep and to use for any purpose, evil or otherwise. Whether you are a publisher, a blogger, an advertiser or a researcher, Crowd Science can help you understand your crowd.

Crowd Science is currently under Close BETA. However, they are very kind to give WebAppers readers 100 invitations. You can sign up with invitation code: WEBAPPERS. Hurry up!

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.crowdscience.com/
License: License Free

  • rich

    Sweet you made my day! I’m 21 today! Anyways… my first time I got into a beta and this looks sweet!

  • Fantastic, managed to snag one of those accounts with the invite. Thanks! :)

  • Looks like I’m in too… Thank you!

  • d

    well, i signed up early this mornign, provided email, and it said it would send – but looks like i didn’t make it. Shame!

  • I’m testing it on my site right now (thanks to the code) if anyone wants to check it out. It’s very slick, easy to install and configure, however a bit longer and more generic than I’d like for my websites. It would be nice to be able to customize the surveys, that said I’m excited to see what kind of info I can get out of this.

  • Thanks.

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  • very nice, thanks for sharing

  • ze

    Very good.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Very informative website, I visit it daily.. thanks for the great effort..

  • Thanks for the invitation…
    sharing is caring…

  • Thank you :)

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