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CamStudio – Free Screen Recording Software

Posted · Category: GPL License, Video

CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs). You can use it to create demonstration videos for your web application.

CamStudio can also add high-quality, anti-aliased (no jagged edges) screen captions to your recordings in seconds and with the unique Video Annotation feature you can even personalise your videos by including a webcam movie of yourself “picture-in-picture” over your desktop. You can download and use it completely free for your personal and commercial projects.

CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software

Demo: http://camstudio.org/
License: GPL License

  • mac.

    not for mac :(

  • I use jing, it’s free as well (not open source, but freeware) and works also on mac : http://www.jingproject.com/

    Jing also allow screen captures in jpg and let you share your capture on flickr.com or screencast.com

    I’ve tried many, many, many screen recording software, and in the free tools, jing is really the best.

  • I was considering Jing but I didn’t like how everything was “for now”.

  • marco

    On windows, there is also (freeware but not open source):


    encoding in flv with audio.


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  • Camstudio is an easy screen recorder. But when I would to to add some callouts to my recording video, I usually turn to some demo software call DemoCreator. I think it can express my idea better. http://www.sameshow.com/demo-creator.html#107

  • marco

    i just rimember now: there is also wink!

    it ouputs in swf, html and pdf up to now an you can record activity, insert text and callouts, and record voice comments!

  • I’ve made several dozen or so Video Tutorials using CamStudio for our Sales Team — usually explaining how to use SugarCRM. They absolutely love them. Sales people are in general, not the type you will see reading boring documentation. So making video tutorials for them helped a ton.

    A negative of this product was that I could record more than 20-25 minutes without my system crashing. I’m sure it was a limitation of the system resources; rather than a program issue.

  • UX Brad

    Camstudio doesn’t do picture in picture

  • UX Brad

    Sorry, last post was incorrect it does do PIP, I just discovered it. Didn’t notice the “Video Annotation” option.

  • Siti

    not for mac?!?!? i download it for nothing

  • Bunny

    The thing about jing is that it will only capture five minutes of video. If you’re a digital artist wishing to do a speedpaint, it always takes a /lot/ longer than that, then you have to drag it into iMovie or WMM to speed it up. I use CamStudio for recording things longer than five minutes, and I use Jing for anything less or screen capturing (because screen capturing on a mac is a pain).

  • Have you guys seen screenr.com? It is a great solution for producing screencasts, and it removes the workflow issues of publishing the videos.

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