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Automated News Slider using AS3 XML Feature

Posted · Category: Gallery, License Free

This is an automated news slider using the new AS3 XML features. The main propose of this news slider is show news on the front page, with a title, an image, some descriptive text, and a link to the full article. It loads 4 articles and changes from one article to another automatically in a lapsus of time, and the user could stop, rewind or forward whenever he wants. The data source uses XML, so it could be adapted to any programming language that could generate XML data.

Automated News Slider with AS3 XML Feature

Requirements: –
Demo: http://works.faustocarrera.com.ar/news_slider/
License: License Free

  • Its awesome :)
    Definitly gonna use it

  • JL Smith

    For something as simple as a news carousel, it’s too bad it’s tied down to Flash…

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