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PicLens – View Images with Interactive Full Screen 3D Wall

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PicLens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for viewing images on the web. Photos will come to life via a cinematic presentation that goes well beyond the confines of the traditional browser window. With PicLens, browsing and viewing images on the web will never be the same again.

Their new interactive “3D Wall” lets you effortlessly drag, click, and zoom your way around a wall of pictures for an extraordinary, full-screen viewing experience. Why mundanely flip through online photo galleries or squint at thumbnails from Google Image Search when you can fly through an immersive, full-screen experience instead?


I am really amazed with the ability of PicLens. It saves me a lot of time on click “Next Page” buttons. I can scroll through all images easily and quickly. Download it and I am sure you will love it too.

Requirements: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Limited Support with Safari
Demo: http://www.piclens.com/
License: License Free

  • Rob

    I deleted the piclens plugin for firefox a while ago. Why? Because instead of pre-downloading the images so they are ready to look at, it displays them in a blury mash of pixels while a progress bar slowly crawls along to download the image while you wait to see it, only after you click the image, one by one… To be honest piclens is a great idea, but needs work.

  • Edwin

    I already have downloaded this plugin a few weeks ago and I really love it! It’s awesome to have a wall with pictures (almost) without an ending. It really gives the feeling that internet is endless.

  • jeanv

    just amazing! it’s a shame that it’s not possible for the moment to save the images directly from the software… thanks for the link!

  • Meg & The Cooliris Team

    Hey Ray and Readers! Meg here, from Cooliris. Thanks so much for posting about PicLens! We really appreciate it.

    PicLens 1.6 with the 3D Wall is now available for Firefox AND Internet Explorer (Win and Mac) — PicLens is also compatible with Safari, with the 1.6 version coming soon. You can automatically download the right version based on their browser by simply visiting http://www.piclens.com. In case you are interested, our video demo can be found at http://piclens.com/demo.

    For those of you like Rob who are having problems loading or with image resolution, fear not! PicLens is still in its infant stages, and we are making improvements daily! Check back for updates soon ;)

    Thanks, again.
    Meg & The Cooliris Team

  • I love this add-on. A must have for every flickr,deviantart,… user.
    I love the idea to improve my website and my portfolio with this extension. Cooliris is doing a great job. Their 2 beautiful add-on are free and amazing. That’s enough :-)

  • Rohil Sinha

    This is one of the best plugins I have ever used . Now I am forever looking forward to go image searching ! Its simply spectacular.

    Cheers to the Piclens team !

  • Jiivee

    I love this one! This is great for my every day Deviantart use. Integration with istockphoto.com would be awesome! :D

  • Very neat plugin. Not to mention whoever designed their site did a fantastic job.

    LogicWeb…a smart web solution

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