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Google Talk Chatback- A Real Instant Message Session

Posted · Category: Chat, License Free

Do you have a blog, online profile, or some other personal web page? Would you like to communicate more with your visitors? Google has launched a new Google Talk feature that lets visitors to your web site chat with you. They call it chatback because instead of you doing all the talking on your blog, your visitors can talk back to you. Sure, they could leave comments, but those are public and hard to use for a real conversation. With chatback, it’s a real instant message session.

google-chat.pngTo use chatback, you must have a Google Talk account, but your visitors don’t have to! You can use it on any web page that you can add HTML content to. To get started, visit the chatback start page. Then just copy the provided HTML snippet to your web site. Visitors will then see a badge on your site indicating your availability, and can click to start a chat with you.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.google.com/talk/service/badge/New
License: License Free

  • Web dev

    Well…don´t work for me, doesn´t display my status, so it can´t be used…

  • Works for me.

    I would use it if they had an app, not gmail based.

  • http://www.hab.la/ is a very similar service. Google’s version sends me an instant message telling me to click a link and then chat somewhere else. Hab.la just sends the users messages to my instant massager. Less work for me = better.

    Also hab.la lets the user chat right there in the page, Google forces the user into a pop up.

  • Don’t use ANYTHING Google but would like to know if anyone has a replacement to this that works. Meebo, etc. are you to others, not them to you…


  • Rick

    I like Google’s option better, but Jonathan, you could try Plugoo.com

  • Just integrated this service with my forums profile view. :)

  • Thanks Rick… it is appreciated!

  • Tomáš Fejfar

    Am I the only person getting 404 at http://www.google.com/talk/service/badge/New ?

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