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Advanced CSS Navigation Menu Trick

Posted · Category: License Free, Menu

We are now coming to a point where the browsers are supporting a lot of new features, giving us more opportunities to take advantage of previously unused pseudo elements. Advanced Css Menu Tricks is instead of simply altering the state of the navigation item the user is currently rolling over, we want to alter the non navigation items as well. This will help focus the users attention on the item they have selected on, and create a new look and feel for the site overall.


Advanced Css Menu Tricks will work perfectly in any modern browser, yet still be fully functional in your older version of IE as well.

Requirements: –
Demo: http://www.3point7designs.com/web-design2.html
License: License Free

  • Just to let you know…
    this blog is getting a little repetitive…

    In the past it has had some nice and new stuff.

    Some of the more recent stuff is ‘old news.’

    Come on, this has been features on Smashing Magazine and many other blogs.
    We already know.

    Give us something new!

  • John Leitch

    It’s only old if you have seen it before. I don’t have the time to trawl through every site on the net trying to find resources AS soon as they are released.

    So Mr Purkiss, we don’t all know the resources listed on allready, and it certainly is new to most of the readers no doubt!!!

  • Ray Cheung

    @ Brian Purkiss

    I am sorry Webappers has let you down. However, I tried my best to post all of the good resources for web developers no matter if they have posted somewhere already. I hope you can understand. :(

    @ John Leitch

    Thank you for your support. :)

  • I’m not sure whether this matter also happen to other or vice versa. When I’m trying to open the site that u already mentioned above, it’s automatically shut down my mozilla browser. So, are you guys also facing the same problem?

  • John Leitch

    Working fine here hafreze. Probably Firefox just having a memory freakout, that it likes to do everynow and then

  • Matt

    This script crashes in IE6. Is anyone really suprised?

  • Matt

    FYI, you should be aware of this:

    It’s basically a copy of your site’s content and to a certain extent, design :)

  • Wow, that’s really good. I admire that websites design/code.

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  • Andy

    Great Blog, just found it a few days ago. If some items are already posted somewhere else it does not matter as long as one out of 10,20,30 posts are new to me.

    Keep up the good stuff here. :)


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  • Nice n easy………exactly what I was looking for !!

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