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50 Questions to Evaluate the Quality of Your Website

Posted · Category: Information

Would you like to evaluate your own websites? How would you evaluate your own websites? CarstenCumbrowski from SearchEngineJournal has come up with a great and pretty detailed list of 50 questions that a website owner should asked himself about his own website.

If the answer to every question that follows below was answered with yes, you can be very pleased with yourself and consider yourself the top of the crop, because most websites have flaws for a number of different reasons, mostly related to the limitation of resources and sacrifices that must be made as a direct result of the shortage.

These questions are divided into following main categories: Accessibility, Navigation, Design, Content, Security, Other Technical Considerations, Other Marketing Considerations and Legal Stuff/Re-Assurance/Legitimization.

Source: 50 Questions to Evaluate the Quality of Your Website

  • Great post! It’s so easy to concentrate all your effort on one or two components of a great website and completely forget the primary goal of the webpage. Sitting down and asking yourself those 50 questions is key, but the critical part is knowing what and how to make those changes. I’ve found that asking another professional, someone with a different skillset then yours, to review your website can be incredibly insightful. If you’re a programmer, have a designer check it out. If your a designer, have a marketer review your site, if you’re a marketer have a programmer review your site, etc.

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