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OpenDNS – Providing A Safer and Faster Internet for Free

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OpenDNS is the world’s most intelligent DNS service. Their global network and their software work together symbiotically to offer a set of features custom-tailored to you, without requiring you to buy any hardware or install any software.

They have built a self-healing network across two continents to give you the most reliable DNS service. They use multiple carriers at every site to ensure full redundancy of our Internet bandwidth. That bandwidth then feeds into a cluster of servers, which is constantly balancing the load across itself so your DNS request is answered in the fastest way possible. They do this for you and every one of our customers, about 30,000 times per second and growing.


OpenDNS operates PhishTank.com, the most accurate and timely source of phishing data on the Web. They protect you from phishing scams by blocking the fraudulent sites from resolving on your network by incorporating PhishTank directly into our system. And it is Free!

Source: http://www.opendns.com/

  • Recently switched to it. Np whatsoever!

  • I’ve been using it for about 2 years now – works great.

  • A great tool against procrastinating!

  • I haven’t had any problems with my ISP’s DNS service…can someone help me understand why I would use openDNS?

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