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October 2007 Official Google PageRank Update

Posted · Category: Announcement, Information

The Official Google PageRank Update has just happened yesterday. WebAppers has got a mixture of PR5 and PR4 from PR0 in most datacenter. Apparently Google has penalized WebAppers for selling Text Link Ads which I have stopped selling for a month already.

Check Your PageRank here
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What To Do If You Are Penalized By Google
If you see a different PR on different datacenter as well, you probably are being penalized by Google for selling Text Link Ads. If you would like to get your PageRank back, you can go to Google Webmaster Tools and request a reconsideration by clicking on “Request reconsideration” after removing your Text Link Ads and stop selling them from now on.

This Google PageRank Update Does Not Make Any Sense
I am happy with the PageRank of WebAppers, I think I can get a firm PR5 back if I have requested a reconsideration. However, I think there is something wrong with this PageRank Update, because there are some REALLY popular websites are getting ridiculous low PageRank. For example, Forbes.com has got a PR4, YouTube has got a PR3. And Showcase Point is a one month old site which has got less than 50 backlinks has got a PR5 from PR0! I cannot really figure out the logic behind it.

We cannot trust PageRank anymore, what is Google thinking about? Or is it just simply because the PageRank update is still in process, the PageRank of all websites are not valid and unstable at the moment?

What did you get for your websites? Are you happy with it? Are you feeling confused as well?


  • Mine didn’t change at all.
    That sucks, this thing is useless anyway.

  • BillyG

    Screw Google, Who the fxxk do they think they are trying to tell the world how to manage their websites? They’ve got some friggin nerve if you ask me.

    How does this support making the internet better and gathering info for everyone? It has nothing to do with it at all – they just don’t want any competition in the ad space. Truth is, I made more in 2 months than I did with AdSense over 2 years and that’s no shxt!

    Page Rank don’t matter, clean code don’t matter, it’s all a ‘who you know’ pile of crap like everything else in the world.

    Long live TLA and screw Google!

  • My site’s pagerank was updated too.

    My homepage stepped from three to four!

    That’s what I was expecting :)

  • I have a PR of 5/10 for my homepage. Most of my other pages have 3, 4, or 5.

    Just a few weeks ago, I had a 0/10 ranking. Is this something to be excited about??

  • I am happy with page rank increase of my some websites very good but I have another website which already have 4pr is not back to 3pr and really I also dont understand the logic behind this and I am going to reconsideration of the page rank.

    Apart from this, I believe on traffic of the website instead of page rank. Because if page rank of my website will be 9 and traffic is very low that what is a need to higher page rank? :)


  • Ray Cheung


    Sawan, I think you should be happy with your pagerank. ;) A lot of popular sites now have PR 4 or lower…

  • my site jewschool.com went from pr7 to pr3 because of my TLAs. and what’s total bullshit about this is that google is basically penalizing people who use their competitor’s services. google sells text ads, so now if you use other people’s text ads, boom, you’re punished. so much for net neutrality…

  • My PR stayed at 4 although a few more of my pages gained pagerank and are now also PR4. However I think I am being punished for”excessive reciprocal linking, because I have been moved far back for the keywords miami real estate. any ideas?

  • Jake

    Seems that wepappers now has a PR4. I don’t think that if your site drops one PR it has something to do with selling ads. If you went from PR8 to PR7, in all probability you never had solid PR8 to begin with (more like 7.5/7.6) and it has been corrected. That means that with a load of new links, preferably from .edu domains, you can get back to PR8 with the next update. If you’ve lost several PRs, then yes, you’ve been penalized. Besides, if you have a legitimate site (and not a link farm or ad landing page), why shouldn’t you be able to make some profit, even if it’s to cover hosting fees. Google should lighten up.

  • Drops from 4 to 2, thanks for google. Already made a request for reconsideration, wait to see what’s gonna happen.

  • Two of my main sites dropped from 5 to 4. Some others also dropped a rank. Two got a PR finally! Overall, I’m ok with it as it didn’t affect my rankings in Google. Still #1 :)

  • Drops from 4 to 2 too. Google wants all the ads market! Don’t be evil?

  • The algorithms for PR has changed most probably. Anyways PR is just something for you to brag. Traffic is most important


  • Well, I’m not pleased. My personal blog which had been a 4 is now a 2. Frankly, it won’t make a bit of difference to my regular readers, but it hurts my pride quite a bit. :(

  • Mo

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you! This page rank update does not make any sense!!! Yes, I AM SELLING LINKS in TLA!!! And I have to do that, to stay on balance. I have to pay for hosting for example. I agree with Damu, Google wants to get all ads market in web…

  • Youtube is a PR3??? check again…

  • Ray Cheung

    Yes, Google has updated the pagerank again. Youtube is back to PR8. And WebAppers has a PR4 now…

  • Updated again? My sites haven’t changed yet :( Maybe they’re in the process of updating…

  • If you have a side bar of archived past posts on your site – does that count against you?

  • Drops from 4 to 2, thanks for google. Already made a request for reconsideration, wait to see what’s gonna happen.

  • Very good article. Thanks for the good information.

  • I noticed that Google update my site webartsense.com got pr4.

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