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Photoshop-Like Javascript Color Picker

Posted · Category: Color Schemes, License Free

There are tons of color pickers out there. The main difference in Photoshop-Like Javascript Color Picker is that it has all 6 picking options (H,S,V,R,G,B) not just Hue. To create the color mixing, the larger map is made of two layers and the vertical slider has four layers (two are used for H, S, or B; four layers for R, G, or B). Some others pickers use this method for a hue map, but don’t include the other maps (S,V,R,G,B).The JavaScript is made up of some color methods, a slider control, a handler for input, and the ColorPicker object to put it all together.


Requirements: IE5.5, IE6, IE7, FF2, Opera 9, Safari 2
Demo: http://johndyer.name/lab/colorpicker/
License: License Free

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  • Steven

    and how about imnage color picker ?

  • Paresh

    Where is the download link, dear????
    I can see demo, but i was unable to find the download link…!!

  • Ray Cheung

    The link has been changed. Please visit http://johndyer.name/post/2007/09/PhotoShop-like-JavaScript-Color-Picker.aspx for download.

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