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Ajax Really Easy Real Time Form Validation

Posted · Category: Forms, MIT License

Really Easy Field Validation from Dexagogo allow us to attach to the form’s onsubmit event, read out all the form elements’ classes and perform validation if required. If a field fails validation, reveal field validation advice and prevent the form from submitting. All the validations can be done in real time which means if the field does not validate, error messages will be popped up after swtching to another field. And the validations can be done after users clicking form’s submit button. This form validation script is extremely easy to integrate into your website or web application.

Really Easy Field Validation by Dexagogo

Requirements: Any Modern Browsers with Javascript Enabled
Demo: http://tetlaw.id.au/upload/dev/validation
License: MIT License

  • Deborah

    I liked the form validation, but discovered that with JavaScript turned off in Firefox under Windows XP, that the form disappeared. I was disappointed to find the source code had inline JavaScript.

  • http://tetlaw.id.au Andrew Tetlaw

    The demo uses JavaScript for the tabs but the validation library requires NO inline JavaScript at all.

  • sreenu

    this demo is not show any thing, its shows error page

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  • faisal

    yes demo is shows error page !!!

  • JAntonio R.A.

    here is the demo: https://github.com/smith/Really-Easy-Field-validation-with-Prototype

    but it doesn’t work with firefox (last version), chrome, IE 10+

    Is there any update of the code?


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