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MeasureMap Flash Date Slider Chart for Developer

Posted · Category: CC License, Charts, Design

MeasureMapMeasure Map released a version of Date Slider to public. The date slider is a Flash visualization that Measure Map uses as one way to navigate the site. It is actually an interactive bar chart, users can moverover each bar to view the details. And also, they can select a date range, for example, 20-July-2007 to 31-July-2007, some variables are sent from Flash to JavaScript so that we can show the users how many things are between the date range. Users can analysis the data in an easy way. Developers can also customize the colors of the chart.

MeasureMap Date Slider

Requirements: Any Modern Broswers with Flash 6.0+
Demo: http://www.measuremap.com/developer/slider
License: Creative Commons License

1 Comment
  • Pete

    Seems that since Google bought MeasureMap it’s no longer available to the public =(

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